About... Association of Consulting Civil Engineers (India)
Association of Consulting Civil Engineers (India) was formed and registered in 1985 by a group of Consulting Civil Engineers in Bangalore. The main object of the association is to encourage and foster the ideals of the profession, to hold conferences/meetings/seminars for dissemination of knowledge amongst the civil engineers in particular and the society at large. ACCE (I) with its head quarters at Bangalore, has since grown into a National Association with centres formed all over India including Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Coimbatore, Delhi, Davangere, Dharwad, Hyderabad, Mangalore, Madurai, Mumbai, Mysore, Nagpur, Nashik, Vishakapatnam.
Broadly, the objects of the Association are
cap To foster ideals of profession, promote friendship, establish rules for professional and ethical conduct and to  develop social awareness and responsibility in the members.
cap To bring to the members the latest technological advancements in the world, prepare them to carry out futuristic designs with an eye on assurance of quality, to give access to technical papers, books and computer software, to arrange lectures by distinguished engineers from India and abroad and to conduct study tour of projects.
cap To act as spokesman for the Consultants to deal with Government, Corporations and other agencies regarding policy matters.
cap To identity the areas in which consultants can contribute to the betterment of the Country like rural housing, urban development, low cost housing etc.
ACCE Governing Council
The Governing Council consists of President, 4 Vice-Presidents, Secretary General, Treasurer, Chairman of each centre of ACCE(I) and co-opted members.
ACCE Bulletin
ACCE publishes a quarterly bulletin which is circulated amongst members and select leading organizations, professional bodies, etc.,
ACCE Publications : Seminar Proceedings.
Project Management for Development Countries. Structural Failures - Case - Histories, Value Engineering In Project Management (Published by Oxford & IBH New Delhi) The infrastructure of the Future: Power, transportation and Telecommunications. (Published by New Age International (P) Limited Publishers - New Delhi
The Major areas of thrust for Professional Development Committee (PDC) are
Developing professional conduct and ethics. Interact with the local and other Government Agencies. Organise special courses on professional topics like management of consultancy projects, financial planning for consulting engineers, the art and technique of negotiations, effective conduct of interplay between the clients and the contractors / suppliers, etc.
The Technology Development Committee (TDC)concentrates on
Identifying new disciplines in the field of civil engineering consultancy and promote their utilisation, organise work shops, courses and seminars, on different topics for the benefit of the staff of the consulting engineer's offices; pool of experience and knowledge of the engineers and academicians.